Writer. Director. Die-Hard Cubs Fan.

Alexander Rojas.

illvillskilL productions.









Born and raised in Chicago. Currently living in Los Angeles.

Punk rock, skateboarding and baseball enthusiast.


I'm a child of Mexican immigrant parents who loved going to the movies. I remember seeing E.T., Repo Man, Porky's and The Dark Crystal. They didn't discriminate what I watched. Maybe, they should've. I love 'em.

My taste in music was heavily influenced by the neighborhood Party Crews and older cousins that were part of the Party Crews. As a little kid, they exposed me to New Wave and House music. My neighborhood of Little Village was a great source of underground music. By my teenage years, as everyone was getting into Gangsta Rap, I gravitated to Hardcore Punk and Industrial music. By the mid-90's, I was at the infamous Fireside Bowl (a decrepit bowling alley that moonlighted as a music venue), catching every punk and ska show possible. I lived for punk and skating.

1995. I saw Larry Clark's KIDS. Nothing was the same after that. Suddenly I realized I could make movies about the world I lived in. I felt empowered to tell my stories. Tell my friends' stories. Tell my hood's story. Tell the stories of those who don't get a chance to share their stories. That's what I want to do and will do.





Feel free to contact me. Let me know what you think. Looking for a writer/director/fellow Cubs enthusiast? Here I am. Thanks!